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Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's on deck for the weekend? What are you planning to crack open?

It's Thursday. The day before Friday. Many of us start the weekend early by enjoying a few choice brews on this fine evening each week. So far tonight for me has been pretty good. An Aprihop with dinner. Opened up an amber home brew as well as a Dubbel Cannon. Not sure If I'm going to make it much past the Cannon tonight.

Here's what I'm setting aside for the weekend

DuClaw Naked Fish - This one is completely new to me. A chocolate raspberry stout that clocks in at a very manageable 4.6% ABV. I'm intrigued.
Brooklyn Monster (2011) - I got a four pack a few months ago and have been meaning to get a good base tasting. Maybe this weekend?
Heavy Seas Dubbel Cannon - I've got a few left from the comp'd sixer:)
Dogfish Head Aprihop - 'tis the season, right?
Evolution Lot No. 3 IPA - Excellent IPA from our friends who are coming back to MD soon
Dogfish Head World Wide Stout - Quickly becoming my favorite beer. I've recently come upon some 2009 bottles. Opened one a few weeks back to share. Not happening this time. Going to tame this beast solo.
Heavy Seas Holy Sheet - I've had a few of these sitting around since they first appeared this year. I'd really like to open one up
Heavy Seas Big DIPA (2009) - I have one left. Got it at the brewery last October.

So, what brews do you plan to enjoy this weekend? Please post here and share.


  1. Funny, the same ones! See you tomorrow!

  2. The DuClaw Naked Fish is stellar. Had it at Alewife a few weeks back