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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beer Review: Mikkeller Drikkeriget GIPA

Hoppy Easter (a week late)
I had Mikkeller Drikkeriget GIPA on tap at Frisco Beer & Tap House in Columbia, MD for happy hour one evening. I'm a big fan of Mikkeller's beers. They are pricey over here in the States, but they definitely deliver on quality and creativity. It was explained to be by an extremely conversational and knowledgeable barkeep that this is an American IPA brewed in the German lager style. German IPA? Say what? Seems like a cool idea.

It came to be in a goblet and appeared bright clear gold with a one finger bubbly white head and very little lacing. It smells bright and sweet with but a whiff of hops. I'm not overly impressed with the aroma. It tastes like a slightly hop forward Belgian pale, not like an IPA to me at all. There are some very subtle grapefruit notes that are noticeable up front. The middle is unidimensionally dry and finishes slightly bitter. There's not much sweetness until longer after it's gone, the residue on the lips is tasty. It feels medium and creamy in body.

This is a very drinkable beer. I was surprised at the flavor profile, expecting a much more hop forward brew with some depth. This was good, but there are better versions of this style on the market and far better offerings from Mikkeller. Priced at $9 a pour at Frisco will keep me away from it for a while. I applaud Mikkeller for trying something that seems to me to be different and adventurous.

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