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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beer Review: Benelux Archangel Ale

What's it's all aboot, eh?
I had Benelux Archangel Ale on tap at Metropolitan in Baltimore, MD last Thursday evening. This was my first visit here. I'd heard good reviews of this place and have been following the bar on Twitter for some time now. Archangel was my first beer of the evening. My wife, Erin had this a few weeks back at Frisco Taphouse and remembered enjoying it. I'm not always jumping for a Belgian Pale Ale, but I figured I'd give this one a shot since I'd never seen it on tap before.

It came to me hazy gold with a fluffy white head with mild carbonation streams and not much lacing to speak of. It smells mildly sweet with a yeasty spice. Almost like a very mild and subdued Saison. On the first sip a mild bitterness is present and settles in to a sweet and creamy middle. As it warms a tart and almost rooty note appears with a few grassy flavors. It finishes with a faded hoppy bitterness. The overall profile is very clean with each unique flavor element having it's own chance to shine. This is a rare feat in the beer world, at least in my experience.

Overall I was pleased with this beer. Felt like a nice treat. At $9 a pint its kind of pricey, but for a full pint of an imported craft beer it's not totally outrageous. It's totally worth the money, but only every once in a while. Thanks the fine brewers at Benelux Brewpub & Café in Quebec for sending this goodie down South to party. Now, is it really a retired brew? If so, that's too bad.

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