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Monday, May 2, 2011

Beer Review: Avery & Russian River Collaboration Not Litigation Ale Vintage 2008

Haven't seen you in three years.
My Amish friend Josh brought this bottle of Collaboration Not Litigation to share with my wife and I. Josh rarely brings over anything besides chips, plates and napkins. So, we were pleasantly surprised that he brought this along with several other choice goodies. This beer has a very cool story behind it. Google it! Two breweries, same name, different beer. Mix 'em. Boom! (said as Frank Caliendo as John Madden). I had this back when it was fresh in 2008. Very interested in trying it again nearly three years later.

It pours hazy ruby brown with an off-white head and sticky lacing. There is not much head retained through the tasting, but some sticky lacing hangs around. It smells yeasty, fruity, bready sweet with light roasty and chocolate notes. It tastes of gingerbread and roasted coffee up front with a fruity tart middle and a long sweet and sour finish. It feels thin for the flavor and color profile. I was expecting a big sticky chewy beer. Not at all. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. It's just different. 

As I remembered it, Collaboration is a very enjoyable beer. It's somewhat heavy on the palate due to complex sweet and sour elements. But, the 8+% alcohol content is very well hidden. Thanks again to Josh for bringing this fine brew over and spending the evening with Erin and I.

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